Desktop build, new modes, and more

Hi, and welcome to our latest devblog! We've got a bunch of new stuff to talk about, including a new desktop build of the game, some new mods to play with, and a couple of minor tweaks.

Windows Desktop Build

We've just uploaded a new Windows desktop build of the game. It's free, but we've also put up a suggested donation. If you enjoy the game, please consider donating to support it's continued development. If you can't donate, it's equally valuable to us if you send us your feedback! Let us know what you like, what you don't like, if you encounter bugs, etc. Good or bad, anything you can let us know about your experience with the game is helpful.

We should also hopefully have Mac and Linux builds up soon, so watch for those in a future update.

New Mods

Also, there are a few new mods in the game that you can toggle on in the options menu. These are all experimental, and subject to change, so please provide feedback if you like/dislike any of them!


Spawns random terrain across the level (water, lava, grass, and ice). After you've played through the levels a few dozen times, this mode can provide some needed variety.


After a set amount of time, lava begins to seep through the floor of the level. Similar to the Claustrophobia mod, Volcano provides pressure to players when the match is dragging on. It's not quite as "definite" as claustrophobia, and gives you a bit more of a chance at survival. Of course, you can combine the two mods for an extremely high pressure end game.


With this mod on, your snake starts off pretty small, and the number of powerups you can carry is limited by how long your snake is. So as you collect eggs, you can hold a greater number of power ups at once. Similar to the Carnivore mod, this adds more value to eggs, as they give you a distinct advantage.


With plumber activated, when you don't have a powerup, you can hit the fire button to do a small jump. This has a lot of implications in the game. You get more defensive options, as you can jump over fireballs, intercept grenades, and leap over tails. It also gives you permanent access to a small stomp attack (basically a more limited version of what you get with the full jump power up).

Other Changes

A few other tweaks have also gone up. Previously we had mouse controls in the game; these were an experimental addition that we were using to help prototype paddle controllers for a future arcade cabinet version of the game. We found they interfered with the browser version though, as clicking the game to gain focus in the browser window would spawn a player with mouse controls, which was usually not intended.

You can also toggle music on and off with the M key. We'll get this into the options menu in the near future, but for now you can use the keyboard for a quick fix if you are sick of the music.

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